Your identity, your control

Store and share your personal identity data in one app, securely.

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Control who sees your personal data and when

Whether sharing passport details with a mortgage broker or driving license with a car hire company, Ydentity lets you provide and revoke access to personal documents at any time.


Add, view, share and remove all your IDs, documentation and personal data in one accessible digital wallet.


An ultra-secure blockchain backend ensures your data is safe against data hacks.


Send your personal data and ID securely via our app. Ydentity will encrypt each item, so it can’t be duplicated or shared without your permission.


After adding personal data via our app, Ydentity provides a full trail of who and when documents have been viewed or used. Users can revoke access any time.

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What makes Ydentity so great?

Blockchain enabled

Triple secured with unique encryption

Instant ID verification

Access IDs already stored in Ydentity

Secure digital wallet

All documents can be accessed safely and with ease

Audit trail

Monitor, control and delete personal data journey


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